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E-VOLVE seeks to help businesses emanate amongst their individual markets, reach their target groups, and achieve their full potential. We endeavor to serve others with honesty, commitment, and excellence, always.


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To give every small to mid-sized business possible, a shoulder to lean on.

Our Story

E-VOLVE, officially E-VOLVE Marketing Solutions LLC, is a remote, US-based, progressive data-driven solutions and marketing company specialized in integrated approaches that help businesses transcend performance plateaus and excel. E-VOLVE started as an instantaneous effort during the 2020 COVID pandemic, on a mission to help business owners adapt to major business game-changers like the “stay-at-home” order and social distancing. Having built a career out of mere freelance projects, owner and CEO Moussa Barada, merged the creative mindset with the technicalities of market demand, and E-VOLVE was born. We’re now a multinational marketing agency serving small businesses with creative marketing strategies, digital marketing solutions, informative and eCommerce websites, and a lot more, all with unparalleled passion.

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Moussa Barada

CEO & Owner

We began as a small business with big ambitions and that’s mostly what drives me; that you can make something out of nothing if you find the right people for the job. That’s who we are and how we approach our clients. No matter where you stand we know your next stage and how to get you there.

Meet the Team

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Mohammad Diab

Design Manager

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Zeinab Kleit

Marketing & HR Manager

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Jana Sultan

Marketing Strategist

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Haidar Saad

Multimedia Designer

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The Big Question

You say you're a "remote company" but are you legit? We won't answer that. Shoot us an email and you'll find out.